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YouTube Optimization

Are you posting good stuff on YouTube but just not gaining any followers or views?

You need a YouTube makeover!

If your channel and videos aren’t optimized for SEO, you’re invisible. Not only can I help you optimize your channel and video, but I can also help you set up and optimize Playlists to keep things organized for your viewers.

Random fact: 70% of website traffic comes from video

My YouTube Optimization package includes:

Channel audit – I will look at your current YouTube channel and give you recommendations to improve your SEO so you show up in more searches.

Content Aesthetics – I will look at your header image, profile image, and video thumbnails to make sure your brand is represented. You want people to RECOGNIZE your channel, your videos and your logos when they see them.

Keywords- I will do some research and provide a list of keywords you should be using for your channel and for every video.

Playlists- If you have many videos, it can be helpful to your viewers to organize them by playlist. I will take a look at your videos and make recommendations for playlists.

Tips and Tricks – There are other YouTube tips and tricks to get more exposure using their algorithm. We’ll talk about this more in depth in our meetings.

With me, you will learn the WHY behind what we’re doing. I will get you set up and give you the knowledge needed to keep going on your own.

The following is included:

1 hour meeting to go over your channel and my written recommendations (I will prepare BEFORE our meeting)
1 hour meeting after changes have been implemented on your channel and so I can answer any questions you have.
Then, I’ll be available for two more, 30 minute sessions at your discretion. Probably a month out then three months out. These meetings will allow you to ask questions.

Just remember, this is a commitment. Consistency is key. You have to do your part as well posting videos on a regular schedule, making sure to title them using your keywords, make your video thumbnails, and more that we will discuss.

I may provide short video tutorials if needed. That will depend on you and your knowledge of YouTube. I wont leave you confused about anything.

If you’re in it to win it – message me.

How much is it??

Right now, $350. Flat rate. That’s cheaper than most online YouTube courses, and with me you get help with your channel AND knowledge! Talk soon!

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