picture of owner of do it all virtual assistant

Founder / CEO

Despite having a background in criminal justice, Loreina wanted to try her hand at working as a virtual assistant so she could supplement her income while working from home. She had experience as an office manager, administrative assistant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration so she knew it would be possible.

Loreina signed a few clients in 2016 and began doing random virtual assistant work, part-time. In October 2017, two of her part-time clients asked her, on the same weekend, how much it would take for her to take her business full-time. They both needed her to work more. After praying about it, Loreina soon turned in her two-week notice to her full-time position where she was an adult probation officer, and she has not looked back.

While it’s hard to narrow down her niche, Loreina truly is a “do it all virtual assistant,” and she has dreams of growing her business into a full-fledge virtual assistant agency some day—offering web design, graphic design, content creation, digital marketing, social media management, online advertising, and more!

While Loreina is experienced in several areas, she has a passion for Social Media Management and Marketing. She enjoys creating content and engaging with client audiences to achieve organic growth, lead generation and sales conversions.

When she is not working, she is busy with her children and her dogs, listening to a good true crime podcast, or watching Netflix.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are the future. You don’t have to provide us with an office, equipment, pay our bills, buy us coffee, and we pay our own taxes because we work as independent contractors. It really is a win for you and a win for us because we get to work from wherever there is Internet.

We’re trustworthy, reliable, and we’ll do anything as long as it’s legal. And, we have a sense of humor! At least around here we do. No jerks allowed!

Are you thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re here because you’re thinking of taking that journey into owning your own business yourself, fantastic! I will be sharing some things I have learned along the way on my blog, Adventures of a Virtual Assistant.

Take a look around. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email. Loreina(at)doitallvirtualassistant.com