Instagram Content Strategy

Are you struggling to come up with content to post on your Instagram? Are you lacking strategy? Are your organic growth rates crawling at a snail’s pace? Instagram algorithm. WHAT?!

I can help!

Not only will I recommend a schedule/strategy for you, I will also explain to you what YOU need to do to ensure organic growth. I will warn you, organic growth is slow because the social media platforms would rather you pay for reach, but I can offer you tips on growing at a tortoise pace. Not a snail. Don’t expect the hare.

My Instagram consulting package includes:

  • Instagram audit – I will look at your current Instagram and give you tips to make it better so you show up in searches and stand out
  • Content schedule – I will recommend and give examples for content and how often to post
  • Engagement – I will let you know how to engage with people and how often.
  • Stories – How often and why?
  • Geotags – WHY? I’ll explain
  • Hashtags – Think you should be using random, popular hashtags? WRONG. I’ll do hashtag research depending on your business and make recommendations on which hashtags you SHOULD be using.
  • I will give you a Google Drive copy of the planner I created, and I personally use for clients, and I’ll let you know which scheduler I recommend and the graphic design program I use.

So, not only do you get a plan presented to you, you will also learn the WHY behind it.

How much time is involved? For you, daily, but we’ll talk about that later.

As for me, the following is included:

  • 1 hour initial meeting to go over what you’re wanting to accomplish
  • 1 hour meeting where I present strategy and take questions
  • Then, I’ll be available for two more, 30 minute sessions at your discretion. Probably a month out then three months out. These meetings will allow you to ask questions. We can check your growth and make sure those numbers are moving UP!

Just remember, this is a commitment. Consistency is key. You have to do your part as well posting stories, interesting personal photos/content and engaging with others!

If you’re in it to win it – message me.

How much is it??

Right now, $350. Flat rate. That’s cheaper than most online Instagram courses, and with me you get a plan AND knowledge! Talk soon!

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