The Importance of Customer Service for Businesses

The Importance of Customer Service for Businesses

As a business owner, you know that your customer service department is essentially the face of your company and the people that customers turn to when they have questions or complaints. You want a customer service rep (or reps) whose customer service skills are off the charter if you want to be successful in business, especially in today’s social media-focused marketplace where word travels fast and negative reviews can tank your reputation if you’re not careful.

If you’re just starting as an entrepreneur, let’s talk more about customer service, why it’s super important, and how a virtual assistant can help create great customer service experiences.

What is customer service?

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. Without proper customer service, businesses would struggle to gain and retain customers. Potential customers may have questions, comments, or suggestions. Customers may have problems that need to be resolved quickly.

While it’s true you can’t please everyone, it’s best to handle even the “bad seeds” with care, and good customer service will allow you to protect your company’s reputation even if there is some undeserved negativity from a grumpy customer.

Why is customer service so important?

If your business is hoping to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, then customer service is key. No matter what kind of products or services you sell, there will always be people looking to take advantage of them. The only way you can combat those bad apples and maintain a thriving business—one that is constantly bringing in new customers and building strong relationships with current ones—is through excellent customer service. In today’s world, high-quality customer service comes in many forms.

 From your website to your advertisements, from your products and services to every interaction with a customer, you need to be focused on delivering a positive experience. Even if there are glitches or challenges along the way—which is inevitable when working with real people—you need to have tools in place that allow you to respond quickly and effectively.

What are you missing by not doing customer service?

A recent report revealed that 43% of consumers will not buy from a company again after a negative customer service experience. Most businesses have some way to contact their customers, either through their website or through social media like Facebook or Twitter. However, it’s time to take your customer service to the next level and hire a virtual assistant to help you communicate with your customers on an ongoing basis. A virtual assistant will build relationships with your customers by regularly engaging them through things like surveys and interactive contests.

 There are so many reasons why you should start providing great customer service. The first is to keep your customers happy and loyal, which will not only help them come back to you again and again, but they’ll tell their friends and family about you. Another big benefit is that great customer service gets your name out in front of potential new customers – it’s a great way to build brand awareness!

How can a Virtual Assistant help?

A Virtual Assistant can free up some of the more tedious tasks involved in customer service. A few examples are:

  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Email Management
  • Live Chat
  • Scheduling
  • Creating/Editing/Updating Orders

Does your business need customer service assistance?

Customer service is one of our services. While our schedules are flexible, we are available during business hours. Emails, chats, and any voicemails left will be replied to within a timely manner should we not be available to take them right when they come in.

In my experience, as soon as one call comes in, the call waiting is beeping with another! We maintain communication with all clients so you know when we’re out of the office and when we’re expected back.

I am a night owl so you also get the satisfaction of having someone check your inbox at the end of the night as well.

If you want to discuss further about your business customer service needs and how we can help, make sure to contact me. Let’s set up a call to discuss further, or you can always email me at loreina(at)doitallvirtualassistant(dot)com.

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