103 Tasks To Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

103 Tasks to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

There really is no limit to what tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant as lone as the task is legal and can be done remotely, and I have written up 103 tasks you can hire a VA to complete. Who wants to read a fun listacle?! 🙋

103 Things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

  1. Answer emails
  2. Organize emails
  3. Draft emails
  4. Order client gifts
  5. Book a flight
  6. Rent a car
  7. Invoice customers
  8. Accounts payable
  9. Accounts receivable
  10. Submit expenses
  11. Organize expenses
  12. Payroll
  13. Edit emails, newsletters, blog posts or whatever may need to be edited
  14. Marketing research
  15. Train staff
  16. Coordinate meetings
  17. Research cost of new software and programs
  18. Follow up with customers or potential customers
  19. Manage your calendar
  20. Set appointments
  21. Take messages
  22. Answer live chat
  23. Answer phone calls
  24. Make cold calls
  25. Make warm calls
  26. Order flowers
  27. Establish social media accounts
  28. Create or schedule social media or blog posts
  29. Write new blog posts
  30. Update existing content
  31. Boost Facebook ads or other social media ads
  32. Create social media ads
  33. Create surveys
  34. Create promotions
  35. Design spreadsheets
  36. Design presentations
  37. Write meta descriptions or update on your website
  38. ALT Tag images on your website
  39. Monitor social listening
  40. Engage on social media
  41. Manage social media group
  42. Organize giveaways
  43. Seek out product influencers
  44. Manage product influencers
  45. Create custom Facebook audiences
  46. Update Facebook audiences
  47. Manage inventory
  48. Create Amazon promotions
  49. Create seller-fulfilled orders on Amazon
  50. SEO/Keyword research
  51. Search contact info
  52. Research competitors
  53. Sign up for Google My Business
  54. Design yearbook ad
  55. Design company logo
  56. White white papers
  57. Write case studies
  58. Manage product reviews
  59. Write press releases and sent out
  60. Moderate website comments
  61. Make doctor’s appointment
  62. Make dinner reservations
  63. Set up content calendar
  64. Write pillar post for your website
  65. Set up CRM
  66. Maintain CRM
  67. Data Entry
  68. Build landing pages
  69. Hire a dog walker
  70. Pay your cable bill
  71. Start convos on Tinder
  72. Set up auto responder on emails
  73. Find cheapest car insurance
  74. Transcribe audio
  75. Handwritten postcards
  76. Find cat memes
  77. Design Business cards
  78. Type meeting notes
  79. Manage webinars or podcasts
  80. Publish on LinkedIn
  81. Design infographic
  82. Send “thank you” notes
  83. Generate listacles
  84. Design email campaigns
  85. Reach out to media outlets
  86. Perform social media audit
  87. Fill out customer avatar
  88. Map out your customer value journey
  89. Create flash sales for your products
  90. Troubleshoot computer or device errors
  91. Research hashtags
  92. Optimize your site’s SEO
  93. Optimize your Amazon listings
  94. Organize Google Drive files
  95. Organize Dropbox
  96. Backup admin staff
  97. Conduct blog research
  98. Create memes for social media
  99. Create marketing plan
  100. Help with branding
  101. General bookkeeping
  102. Setup and maintain social media chat bot
  103. Enter business contacts into CRM

That is in no way an exclusive list. I want you all to really think about the stuff you do on a daily basis and realize that some stuff can be outsourced. Save your precious time. Virtual assistants do what we do because we love it. Let us take some of that work off of your plate and help you grow your business.


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