Password Log

$2.00 $1.00

  • Keep hard copy backup of login information
  • Easy way to protect info
  • Room in margin to punch holes if needed to place in a binder
  • Print as many copies as you need
  • Download link never expires
  • Simple black and white color scheme to save on ink


Product Description

Passwords are so tricky these days. We are supposed to have a different password for everything, and they have to contain a mix of CAPS, lowercase, numbers, symbols…too much to remember.

Password managers are super convenient. But what happens when they fail? Example, LastPass (which I do use) does NOT store an encrypted copy of your passwords on their servers. What happens if you forget your master password into the password manager?

Technology does fail us at times. Just this morning, I was trying to get into my Twitter. I’ve had the password stored for a year now, and I have always used it to log in. Today, the password was nowhere to be found.

I can say I DO NOT USE PAPER to track client passwords. Those are all stored on Password managers. I do use paper for myself. I actually have a “Business Binder” that’s hidden away, and my password list is included.

If you keep your passwords on a piece of paper, I recommend storing in a binder, wallet or safe space where your family won’t be nosey or any co-workers. A safe is ideal. Good old fashioned paper storage has yet to fail anyone unless you lose it! 😉



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