Do It All Day: Daily Task List Printable

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  • Plenty of room to list out daily tasks for business
  • Space for Goals
  • Water Tracker to ensure you’re staying hydrated
  • Reminder to take your daily vitamins
  • Space to notate important info from the day
  • Focus on Top 3 Priority tasks for the day
  • Simple Black/White Color scheme to save on ink


Product Description

Between your business and personal life, you have to get stuff done. We all do. The only way to stay organized and ensure I don’t forget anything throughout the day is by using my handy-dandy to-do list.

This to-do list allows you to keep track of daily tasks for business and for personal. There is space to add any priorities, goals for the day and even a space to jot down any notes.

I always forget to drink enough water or to take my vitamins so I included space to remind me to do that as well.

I like to print out several and keep them on a clipboard. Then at the end of the month, I clip them all together and file them.

I use the daily task lists with my weekly list and monthly.

After purchase, you will receive a link to download the .pdf file. Make sure to click “fit to page” and print in monochrome or black/white to save your color ink. I’m self employed so I REALLY don’t waste ink. 😉


Additional information

Color Choice

Black, Black Ink Saver, Pink, Pink Ink Saver


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