Hello 2021 – Let’s Talk Goals

I wasn’t going to write a post for the new year, but here I am. 5 minutes away from midnight, watching the 4th and final season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (should I admit that?), and I decided to blog.

It’s hard for me to say “Such and such year will be the best yet.” I don’t want to jinx anything. I also don’t want to say any certain year was terrible because I know, looking back, things could be worse.

Even in 2020 with the COVID pandemic. Life changed for us, but we have been very blessed. We haven’t been sick (yet, that we know of), business has been steady, we are happy at home, and I have managed to shield my kids from the stress, chaos and uncertainty in the world right now.

I didn’t meet all of my business goals for 2020 so I do want to stay focused in 2021.

I do believe if we don’t have goals, measurable goals, we will just float along aimlessly; never growing.

For accountability and to give you some ideas, I’m going to list out three of the goals I have for my business.

1. The first goal could go one of two ways. I will do one of the following.

  • Write a book on becoming a virtual assistant and offer coaching services
  • Grow my business into an agency by hiring more virtual assistants to work for me and bring on new clients

2. My second goal is to truly “practice what I preach.” I love social media marketing, and I do manage a few clients social media accounts. I have a content calendar ready, and I plan to become more active on social media by posting consistently.

3. Third, I don’t want to get burned out. I am a workaholic. I haven’t been sleeping the way I should or putting an emphasis on my health. This year, I want to stick with a schedule where I primarily work during the day (and not so much at night) and don’t work as much on the weekends, Sundays specifically.

In the past, I’ve made monetary goals which I achieved in 2019. I came up a little short in 2020, but I still made more than I did in 2019. I have some other obstacles I need to overcome before I can realistically increase my income so that will be my focus for this year.

What are some of the goals for your business this year? Share below!

It’s 12:11AM. Happy New Year, officially!! 🎉

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